Episode 206: God is Unfair

In this edition of the Arizona Soul Podcast, Arizona Verse & Soul Papo wax poetically about the Fyre Festival documentaries, the government shutdown has ended, Roger Stone next person to get arrested in Mueller investigation, Jeff Bezos and wife in a $160 Billion divorce, two cats live alone in a Silicon Valley apartment for $1,500 a month, cops had issues with Chris Brown accuser’s version of events, Kevin Hart unapology tour, Hacienda Healthcare nurse arrested for sexual assault, Ed Buck faces questions over 2nd dead black man in his home in the last 2 years, repeated radio signals coming from galaxy 1.5 billion light-years away, scientist say Cuban Embassy ‘sonic attacks’ were actually just crickets and of course.. dedications.

This episode is dedicated to..

Emily Andzulis

Charity Witt

Sherry Berry

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