We Are Not Alone

In this clip, we discusse the interstellar object Oumaumau which passed through our Solar System nearly a year ago. Was it an asteroid, was it an alien? We may never know but it appears whatever it is, there may be hundreds more of them in our Solar System. ESA shares incredible IMAGES of Martian ice crater #RT #ArizonaSoulArticleshttps://t.co/yOIgs8DFiT — Verse & Papo (@arizonasoulpod) December 24, … Continue reading We Are Not Alone

Episode 203: Don’t Drink the Water on Mars

In this edition of the Arizona Soul Podcast, Arizona Verse & Soul Papo wax poetically about the N Word video featuring Chris Rock, Louis C.K., Jerry Seinfeld and Ricky Gervais, the Government Shut Down, Tim Ryan on the absurdity of the shutdown, Fox and Friends turning on Trump, the Statue of Liberty Climber on trail, Marc Lamont Hill fired from CNN, Elon Musk unveils his … Continue reading Episode 203: Don’t Drink the Water on Mars