Winning Even In Death

Bunny Ranch owner Dennis Hof passed away last month while in the middle of a race for Nevada’s 36th Assembly District. Even in death his supporters couldn’t find a better candidate as it turns out, he still won.  Chime in on Twitter Dennis Hof dies and still wins the election. Republicans don’t even need their candidates alive to support them. — Verse & Papo … Continue reading Winning Even In Death

Kim Davis Voted Out

Every homosexual’s favorite County Clerk Kim Davis was voted out during this year’s Midterm. I advise everybody to run to Kentucky to get you a gay marriage license while supplies last.Chime in on Twitter Kim Davis is finally out of office. Quick everyone, rush to Kentucky to get this gay marriage. #ArizonaSoulArticles — Verse & Papo (@arizonasoulpod) November 12, 2018 Continue reading Kim Davis Voted Out

2018 Midterms Historic Firsts

As the 2018 Midterms come to a close, we experienced a ton of historic first in various states. Women from all races stepped forward to take their seats within Congress. Is this a natural progression or the response to Trump’s reign of horror. Chime in on Twitter 2018 Midterms was full of historic firsts. All praise to Beyonce #ArizonaSoulArticles — Verse & Papo (@arizonasoulpod) … Continue reading 2018 Midterms Historic Firsts

Episode 200: Make Segregation Great Again

In this edition of the Arizona Soul Podcast, Arizona Verse & Soul Papo wax poetically about the 80’s AIDS epidemic, what is white privilege, 2018 midterms historic firsts, Kim Davis voted out, Dennis Hof died but still wins election, 307th Mass Shooting in 311 days, Thousand Oaks shooting suspect Ian David Long and what we know about him, how he posted on IG during the … Continue reading Episode 200: Make Segregation Great Again